Building Communities as a Community

ARE’s journey is embedded in the path Shiv Aggarwal has taken from his humble roots as an accountant in a small town in India to becoming an investor and developer in the U.S.

He has grown Aggarwal Real Estate from a small single property management company to a multi-million dollar operation. Joining him along the path were a set of dedicated team members and his family.

Our Values

Guiding Principles

Our company is built on a foundation of acquiring, redeveloping, and managing best-in-class commercial real estate where success is predicated on community growth across our retail, multi-family, & hotel properties.

Our People

The success of our portfolio is a testament to the professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm of our all-star team. Our people are our family at ARE from our team members to our tenants & residents.


At Aggarwal Real Estate, our mission is to passionately build communities that transcend physical structures. Through development, genuine engagement, and a commitment to inclusivity, we strive to create spaces where people and businesses unite, fostering a sense of belonging and shared prosperity.

Our History

Significant moments in ARE’s history


First Property Purchase in Baton Rouge

In 1982, we took a meaningful step by acquiring our first commercial property, the Jefferson Arms Apartment in Baton Rouge, LA. This marked the beginning of our journey in creating spaces that resonate with the heart of each community we touch.


Atlanta Office Opens 

Embarking on a new chapter, we made Atlanta our home when we acquired the Biscayne Apartments. This move isn’t just about changing locations, it’s about weaving our story into the vibrant tapestry of Atlanta.


Launch of the Retail Division

Venturing into new horizons, we warmly welcomed the Old National Commons Shopping Center into our portfolio as we stepped into the dynamic world of retail for the first time expanding our ability to create spaces and help communities thrive.


Global Mall Opens its Doors

ARE develops a unique and one-of-a-kind experience by creating Global Mall, which was and still is the first and only indoor South Asian Mall in the US. It’s more than just a shopping destination, it’s a heartfelt embrace of South Asian culture, making it accessible to the community standing as a unique haven of diversity.


Second Generation of the Aggarwal Family joins the company

Welcoming the next generation, the Aggarwal family embraced the second chapter of ARE with the expansion of its team. The company became a shared journey of passion, commitment, and the enduring bond that ties us together, creating a legacy we build upon.


Presence Expands into 5 States

Celebrating over three decades of growth, ARE’s portfolio of assets flourish across Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina. With over two million square feet under our care, each property is a testament to the vibrant communities we’ve been privileged to be a part of.


AMS is re-envisioned to ARE

In a heartfelt evolution, AMS transforms into Aggarwal Real Estate (ARE), a name that echoes our commitment to community and family. It’s a reflection of the values that have been a cornerstone of our journey. As we embrace this new chapter, we continue to build spaces that resonate with the warmth of community and the spirit of connection

Leasing Opportunities

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